Today, radon level in many areas could go as high up to 60%, which is more than the recommendations of EPA. Effects of radon exposure are not felt straight away. It may take years, but when experienced it might be too late. For this reason, every house whether new or old should be examined for increased levels of radon gas, and tests be performed to remove radon.

Radon is radioactive chemical gas which has no color and does not have any smell. Radon is found deep beneath the surface of earth which eventually reaches our houses, work places etc.

Effects of Radon Exposure:

Exposure to this gas can cause fatal diseases. Studies tell us that radon is the second major cause for lung cancer in United States. Furthermore statistics from US surgeon general and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reveal that 20,000 Americans die annually due radon exposure. Also, according to the estimations of Wisconsin Department of Health Services many homes in areas of Dodge County, Washington County and Waukesha County have higher percentage of radon levels.

Solutions of removal:

Radon mitigation cost may vary according to your house’s design, size and foundation. At Lifetime Radon solutions we divide our work into two stages. At first we check for any possible danger of radon levels with the help of our custom designed mitigation system to your house. In second stage we make sure whether this toxic gas is being extracted from your home.

Not only this but we will also help you to install exhaust fan and sump pump to make sure that we bring down the radon levels up to EPA guidelines.If you wish to remove radon from your homes, work places and schools contact our Milwaukee radon testing and mitigation experts at Lifetime Radon Solutions.


Our testing report consists of suggestions regarding reduction in radon levels according to your home. Our process is very simple:

  • First, our experts examine your house’s interior and exterior to find the most suitable place for installation of radon mitigation system.
  • Next up is we identify whether your sump pump is good enough for mitigation system or not. If you do not have it then we will provide it to you.
  • After this the channels of radon concentration are identified and radon gas is moved towards mitigation system.
  • At last we let the gas in atmosphere and make sure that we clean up the whole area and give your house back to you but this time safer.
  • All this process requires just few hours.
  • Radon mitigation cost is not as much as you think so we at Lifetime Radon Solutions recommend you to make your family’s life much more comfortable.

Radon mitigation cost is not that much as well, perhaps it is the most efficient and affordable way to reduce the danger of lung cancer.Radon acts as a silent killer for humans so steps should be taken to remove radon.


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