paper bags

Paper bag is a bad made of paper.  It is for shopping purpose. Each person has their own choice. Paper bags or   ถุงคราฟท์ are more popular than plastic bags. There are a lot of facts about paper bags. These bags take one month to decompose. These are renewable resources.  It takes less energy to make a paper bag. Paper bags come from a tree. These bags are easy to recycle. Paper bags are safe for pets. Paper bags are safe for pets. It is possible to use a paper bag to fill with waste. Paper bags are usually made of wood.

Tear open paper bag and use it to clean window. People use newspaper to clean windows. Uses a paper bag to serve snacks. Collect the recycling waste in the bag. Once the bag is filling recycle it. Use a paper bag to wrap small gifts. Cut a few paper bags and use them in craft work. Both paper and plastic bags have an impact on the environment. Tear paper bag in small pieces and make compost. Plastic harms many water animals. Plastic block the entrance to the stomach. Paper does not harm the earth. These are environment-friendly. The paper breaks more easily than plastic. This is light in weight. Paper bags are bigger than plastic bags.

This takes more space to recycle. It takes four times more energy to manufacture. The raw material to make paper comes from trees. Making paper not only adds waste to the environment. Paper bags generate 70 times more air pollutants than plastic bags. This makes the paper more disposable than plastic. The average family member needs just four paper bags per week for shopping. People quickly ripen fruits by keeping them in paper bags. Use to serve snacks in the party. Paper generates more waste. Paper bag manufacturing is friendlier. Plastic bags cause moisture in food.

Paper bag is by-product of natural gas. It is difficult to reuse a paper bag. Plastic bags play an important role in the conservation of natural gases.  Paper bags have much greater mass. There are varies types of paper bags. People buy them at very less price. Keeping a paper bag is practical in daily life. There are mainly available in malls.  People use paper bags according to their properties. It attracts the customer more. Some paper bags come with some special design. Paper bag carries lunch for children in school. This is perfect to store small items. Bakery bags protect foods from spoiling.

These bags prevent taste and freshness. Help in making coffee and bread. Making bags are perfect in sending documents. Small products are easy to deliver. Tissue paper helps in wrapping gift items. This gives the appearance to gift. Paper bag is new things these days. Every men and woman carry paper bags with them. They bring these to the mall and schools also.  Paper bags prevent our nature from pollution. Many people take paper bags as these are easy to carry. These hold a lot of items. Paper bags are clean and useful.




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