If anyone of you wants to simplify their hunting game, then you have to choose the right skinning knife for this job. No doubt handmade skinning knives are one of the first and important things which should be placed in your hunting backpack. If you will use high-quality skinning knives, then your field chores will become simpler as well as more efficient. Here you will know the guide regarding considering important things when buying a skinning knife for yourself:

Fixed blade or folding blade? Which one to choose while getting a skinning knife

  • One of the primary decisions which you have to make when buying a skinning knife, it is that whether you should get a fixed blade with it or a folding blade with it. These fixed-blade Damascus knives are rugged and too durable. On the other hand, they are not compact and portable. And if you are getting a folding skinning knife, then you have to further decide which locking system you will prefer.
  • Note down that lock-back knife comprises a lock bar which is located at the rear side of the knife. Lock-back knife is a common choice among most of the hunters. Though hunters have got other options too like that of liner locks and frame locks, button locks. The important key to keep in mind is to determine which style will suit and work perfectly for you.

The Factor of Design and Material

  • No matter you are getting a fixed or folding knife, it is also important for you to choose and get a blade which is constructed by using the right material. In this way, your skinning chores will become as much simple as possible. Most of the skinning knives contain a blade which has a narrow tip. Such tip offers you a precise cutting and increased efficiency. These knives are featured and accompanied by a guthook so that your skinning process may become simplified.
  • At the same time, different steel versions are used on these knives. This steel varies in terms of hardness and corrosion resistance and too ease of sharpening. H1 steel is quite durable, it withstands corrosion but its edge retention is not that much good. 420HC steel offers a good amount of corrosion resistance, it is easy to sharpen. Then we have S30V steel which is the best steel in terms of resistance to corrosion.

How far to Maintain your skinning knife? The maintenance factor

  • While choosing a skinning knife, do consider how much sharpening and maintenance it regularly needs. Always remember that when your knife starts to show discoloration, then it is the sign that you should clean it up.
  • Your skinning knife will only work for you in a better way of you will sharpen it, clean it regularly. This method of sharpening, it is a two-step process. The first one is grinding and the second step is honing your blade.

This is the simple guide which is related to the purchase of skinning knives. Hunting games should always be very much simplified and this can be done by putting great quality skinning knives in your hunting pack.


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