Everything you need to know about Black Maca

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Maca roots are a kind of plant that are seen in regions of Peru. There are several colors in this Maca roots and Black Maca is one among all of them. This colored Maca can only recover from 15% of annual harvest in Peru. There are some interesting things you should hear about this Black Maca. This type of supplement is completely different from other color Maca. Black Maca has more importance than other color Maca powders.

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As we know Maca supplement has more importance and provides several health benefits. The Black Maca has special appearance that you should have a bit more when compared to other color Maca. Here are some interesting facts you need to know about Black Maca.

The Black Maca best benefits to increase sperm count and libido levels in your body. Several researchers including Study in 2009 Peru found that Black Maca has more power to increase sperm count and also sexual desire especially in men. Having these two will reduces several kinds of sexual problems. People with low libido levels and low sperm count can use this Black Maca to increase their sexual desire.

There had been a study made in 2010 in Swiss that gives results of Black Maca will help to strengthen bone muscles and preventing osteoporosis. They also increase bone density and muscle growth in both men and women. You can use this Black Maca powder to increase Bone density and muscle growth. This problems are most commonly seen in Middle age men and women. Hence they can take this supplement to cure their problems.

The special quality in Black Maca are they help to increase memory, concentration and learning skills. This qualities you will never have in other Maca products. Hence taking this supplement everyday with limited quantities will improve memory and concentration. You can also give this super food to kids to increase their learning skills.

There are several rumors spreading that Black Maca is only meant for men and not for women. This is completely wrong that both men and women can consume this supplement to increase their power and energy levels. There are several sexual benefits with Black Maca powder.

How to take Maca powder:

Maca powder has high concentrations of proteins and minerals and taking this supplement in limited quantity can strengthen your body in several ways. Adults can consume 2 to 3 grams of Maca powder per day. This quantity can provide you enough power required by your body. Taking right dosage every day will make you stronger and keeps you active all day.

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You can mix this health supplement with Juices or smoothies and also with milk. Take this medication along with breakfast to get better results. You can also consume this supplement in capsules form to get right dosage.

If you are an athlete or a gym person then take this supplement according to your doctor’s advice. Read More about how to consume Maca powder.