How To Care and Protect a Carbon Steel Knife from Getting damage?

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No matter that you are an experienced and a professional chef and knows fully the use of Damascus knives, but do you know how to take care of the carbon steel knives? We know that carbon steel knives are a great choice for many cooks. And here they will let you know the process of taking care of them!

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Reasons for Choosing Carbon Steel

  • People like to have their knives made of carbon steel, there are many reasons for this statement. It is true that the common material for the category of kitchen knives, it is stainless steel.
  • On the other hand, carbon steel is a preferred choice for all of the culinary professionals. Upon taking A to Z care of the carbon steel blade, this blade then gets into a position to hold and carry a sharp edge better as compared to the stainless steel blade.

Cleaning Your carbon steel knife while you start your cooking job

  • The blade of your carbon steel knife should always be clean. Before you start your cooking, wash your knife properly. Even while you are cooking, you should wipe down your knife on an often basis. Though this job will look tedious at first glance, but this regular wiping will expand the usage life of your knife.
  • This wiping and cleaning job will keep the blade of your knife rust-free. On the specific note, you are working with any of the acidic foods, like if you are cutting lemons and tomatoes, then wipe your knife after some intervals. This is important because acidic foods are particularly tough on the carbon steel knife.

All About Patina and Rust

  • Have you heard these terms, patina and rust, we will tell you! You should not get into the freaking position when you notice that your knife is developing a  gray-blue patina on it.
  • There is a lot of difference present between patina and rust. Patina tells that your knife is still in a good condition and rust shows that your knife has entered in a bad condition. Note that a healthy patina can protect your carbon steel knife from getting rust.

Keeping Your Carbon Steel Knife Honed

  • The blade of your carbon steel knife will remain in the excellent condition if you will perform the honing job regularly. Your knife blade will remain balanced. Your cutting job will become intensely flawless if your knife will remain honed.
  • If you have got a set of knives, then do note down that this set is always packed with a honing rod. This rod will perform the specific honing task.
  • Honing re-centers and re-balance your knife. You can hone your knife regularly as well. On the other hand, sharpening should be done on the less frequent number of days and times. You can sharpen your knife just two times a year.
  • A plastic surface or a wood surface, they are recommended for knives. If using hard surfaces like marble or glass or bamboo, they can dull or chip away your knife blade.

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