Ibn Battuta as a Traveler like none before

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Ibn Battuta travel and history

The Muslim explorer and traveler Ibn Battuta traveled across the Muslim world in the 14th century.  He began his traveling career some two hundred years before Columbus sailed in search of new trade routes to China. He is known for his travels that lasted on thirty years period. Coming from a Muslim scholar family, he visited South & East Europe, Western Africa, India, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. One year after the death of a trader and explorer Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta started traveling at the age of 21. Let’s know more about this young Muslim traveler of the history.

Ambassador of peace:

A devout Muslim Ibn Battuta wanted to perform the religious obligation Hajj when he was twenty-one years old. Battuta was born to a Muslim family who was serving as Qadi. Ibn Battuta also had to do the same, but his ambitions surpassed what was available to him in his hometown. Also, Ibn Battuta had an immense desire to go to the scared city Mecca to perform Hajj. But after performing Hajj, he decided not to go back. Thus his career as an explorer and traveler began that lasted for almost thirty years.

A traveler does not just visit the tourist places, but he also tried to gain a deeper understanding of the local culture and their traditions. Ibn Battuta traveled 75000 miles and tried to know more about the countries he visited. He not only explored the world but told people about different countries. Theme “traveler and ambassador of peace” is the even to celebrate the legacy of the greatest Muslim explorer Ibn Battuta.

The desire for knowledge:

You may have read about many travelers in the history who explored the world, and their writing accounts tell many things about the world at that time. But the greatest Muslim traveler Ibn Battuta’s purpose of starting his traveling journey was to get law education as he wanted to become a Qadi. Though his family was also educated, he wanted to get higher education in law so that he left his hometown and visited many Muslim countries to get an education. Initially, Ibn Battuta had nothing much to share with people as his travels just began. But later he became a bringer of news.

He was a gifted storyteller, so he started to disseminate the news and information about the countries he visited.

An open-minded traveler:

Ibn Battuta was an open-minded traveler and a tolerant person. But sometimes he would get angry with the local customs and traditions that he think were uncivilized. He wanted to know almost eve3rytjing about the places he visited and many times upon learning their weird traditions he was displeased.

Tour to India:

Ibn Battuta wanted to serve as a judge in India, so after performing Hajj, he headed to the sub-continent (India). When he reached Delhi, the Muslim ruler was not in the city, but he appointed him as a judge. When the ruler came back, he met him and presented many gifts. Ibn Battuta stayed there for quite some time and then after serving as a Qadi for eight years he decided to leave. He was a traveler, so he wanted to visit as many places as possible.

When Ibn Battuta reached back in his hometown after traveling almost, all the Muslims places the rule of Morocco heard about his travel tales. He asked him to keep a record of his journey, so Ibn Battuta asked his assistant Ibn Juzayy to write down his travel accounts. All the information about Ibn Battuta’s travels we have today is from his book “Rihla.”

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